Now JSC "Aktubroentgen" possesses a floor space 20 thousand square meters with numbers of 200 persons and necessary industrial potential.

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Enterprise product range includes:

● Mobile ward X-ray diagnostic systems for different purposes:
        -12L7 Arman-2
        -Arman 32

● Stationary digital X-ray systems for fluorography:
        -Digital 12FK1

● Digital stationary X-ray diagnostic systems:

● Mammography systems:

● Mobile systems for different purposes. (based on car chassis):
    -Flyukar KRF-112

Flyukar KRF-112

Digital X-ray fluorography mobile complex (in the back of a caravan set photofluorographic Low dose X-ray digital apparatus 12FK1 "FLYUARKOM") - is designed for mass x-ray surveys (without film) population or located away from major population centers.

Distinguishing features of the system:

- High spatial resolution obtained by fluorography image  
  provides the most complete information on the patient's body
  examinee first time
- The most favorable conditions for the doctor - radiologists
- Low doses to patients
- Possibility of continuous operation mode for fluorography
  population screening
- Chill the examination procedure to the patient
- Advanced X-ray protective properties cabin
- Savings on a periodic purchase X-ray film and related
  supplies in comparison with film fluorography
- No need to run more complex personnel work on the
  drying-film developing, sorting and storage of x-rays.

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