Now JSC "Aktubroentgen" possesses a floor space 20 thousand square meters with numbers of 200 persons and necessary industrial potential.

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Enterprise product range includes:

● Mobile ward X-ray diagnostic systems for different purposes:
        -12L7 Arman-2
        -Arman 32

● Stationary digital X-ray systems for fluorography:
        -Digital 12FK1

● Digital stationary X-ray diagnostic systems:

● Mammography systems:

● Mobile systems for different purposes. (based on car chassis):
        -Flyukar KRF-112


Intended for ophthalmic, ENT, gynecology, urology, dentistry, endocrinology, pediatric, neurological, medical, hematological, radiological surveys for various analyzes in the laboratory for treatment and support (if needed) emergency medical care in rural areas, remote and remote areas, as well as in cities and towns with the departure to businesses and organizations. The complex is a two-body van, equipped with medical equipment, incorporated in the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the functioning and maintenance of conditions of employment of staff, a chassis truck and trailer.

Features include:

-A wide range of modern medical
  equipment is installed
-A large number of variants,
  depending on the needs of the
-Reliability High cross-chassis
-Operative care
  The base model is mounted on a truck chassis and trailer. At the request of the consumer complex can be installed on other types of vehicle.

Service - one of the fundamental principles of the company.

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