Now JSC "Aktubroentgen" possesses a floor space 20 thousand square meters with numbers of 200 persons and necessary industrial potential.

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Enterprise product range includes:

● Mobile ward X-ray diagnostic systems for different purposes:
        -12L7 Arman-2
        -Arman 32

● Stationary digital X-ray systems for fluorography:
        -Digital 12FK1

● Digital stationary X-ray diagnostic systems:

● Mammography systems:

● Mobile systems for different purposes. (based on car chassis):
        -Flyukar KRF-112


The complex X-ray diagnostic stationary designed for general-purpose fluoroscopy, pulsed fluoroscopy, receiving sighting pictures, or pictures during the general radiography, digital radiography has the ability and longitudinal horizontal digital imaging. Execution set is available in two versions, equipped analog or digital imaging system (if connected systems for digital image processing.)

Technical characteristics:

Working frequency, kHz (upon wish of customer)


Power, kW (upon wish of customer)

40 / 50 / 65 /
80 / 10

Voltage range, by step 1 kV:
- roentgenography,
- roentgenoscopy,

40 – 150
40 – 125

Current range, mA

10 – 630

- exposure doze on one shot in roentgen 

  radiation receiver plane , m3V


- network voltage, frequency


- network resistance, oh, not less


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